Vanessa Hudgens Under Investigation For Carving Name In Rock (Photo)


Actress Vanessa Hudgens is under investigation after she reportedly carved her and her boyfriend’s name into a rock formation in Arizona, according to Gossip Cop.

Hudgens and boyfriend Austin Butler vacationed in Sedona, Arizona, over Valentine’s Day weekend. During their stay, Hudgens reportedly carved their names into a rock formation at the Coconino National Forest and posted a picture of it on Instagram.

The photo is initially why officials launched an investigation, according to TMZ.

According to federal law, it’s prohibited to damage natural surfaces or property of the United States. The rock in question is technically property of the United States, as it’s on federal land.

“I really hope you didn’t carve your name into the rocks,” one person commented. “For someone who seems to be so in touch with the Earth it would be really disappointing.”

Other commenters argued that “it’s just rocks.”

The maximum punishment for the crime is a fine of $5,000 and six months in jail. Although it’s unlikely Hudgens will be sent to jail, TMZ noted, it’s possible she will be fined.

Hudgens has since removed the picture from her Instagram account.

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Sources: Gossip Cop, TMZ / Photo credit: Instagram via Gossip Cop

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