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Vanessa Hudgens In Hot Water Over Instagram Post (Photo)

"High School Musical" star Vanessa Hudgens is reportedly being slammed on social media for a picture she posted on Instagram.

The picture, posted June 28 on the popular photo-sharing app, shows the 27-year-old star with a dream catcher in her hair. Hudgens was accused of cultural appropriation for wearing the Native American item in her hair. Despite the fact that Hudgens herself is of Native American descent, many were upset that she reportedly used the cultural item inappropriately and in an attempt to look "bohemian."

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"You constantly go out of your way to disrespect cultures to look ~boho," one user commented. "It's rude as f***. That you have to constantly be told not to do this and dragged means you are not listening and it's frustrating af!!"

Hudgens received similar criticism in 2014 after wearing a Native American headdress at Coachella, according to the Daily Mail. She was also previously accused of culturally appropriating Hindu culture after wearing a bindi in 2012.

“Even though she is part Native American using a dreamcatcher as ‘hair jewelry’ is not done," one Instagram user commented, according to Entertainment Tonight. "If someone can tell me a tribe who does it I will take it back. But until then she is constantly pulling this type of stuff with multiple cultures and I don't like it."

But other users on Instagram saw no problem with the picture. One user wrote: "I don[']t understand how this is 'Racist' or 'Cultural Appropriation' Whatsoever. To be honest people need to stop using 'cultural appropriation' as an excuse to be f***ing offended by everything. People need to start using the cultural appropriation for the right reasons and not for ridiculous reasons. [...] I think Vanessa looks amazing!"

Hudgens has not removed the photo from her Instagram nor has she issued an apology or statement regarding the backlash.

Sources: The Daily Mail, Entertainment Tonight, kylielangdon/Instagram / Photo Credits: Eva Rinaldi/Flickr, Vanessa Hudgens via The Daily Mail

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