Utah Waitress Receives $3,000 Tip From Michigan Football Fans


Michigan football fans watched their team lose to Utah on Thursday, but that did not stop them from leaving a Salt Lake City, Utah, waitress a $3,000 tip.

The lucky waitress was Breanne Snow, who received the $3,000 tip for a tab of $505 at Bourbon House bar, reports The Detroit News.

The individual that left her the tip was with a group of people wearing University of Michigan gear. He used an American Express Centurion Black Card to pay the gratuity and wrote “@TipsforJesus” and “##GoBlue” on the receipt.

"I've been in the bar business for 19 years and I've never seen anything like this," said Jason LeCates, owner of Bourbon House. "I think it's awesome."

The tip brought Snow to tears.

“I went and cried in the corner for a couple minutes,” Snow said.

Snow and her boyfriend are both currently working two jobs to pay off debts and the generous tip will certainly help them.

"We're working so hard and never see the payout from it," Snow said. "It came as such a relief. He could have picked anyone else in there, and for him to pick me, it meant a lot because we were working so hard."

The group asked Snow to take a picture for the Instagram account “Tips for Jesus,” and she did.

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Photo Credit: Tips For Jesus/Instagram via The Detroit News

The anonymous “Tips for Jesus” account has been posting pictures of big tips given to servers since 2013. It has nearly 89,000 followers.

Snow does not know who left the tip as she can’t remember the name on the card and it was not on the check.

Rumor has it that the man behind “Tips for Jesus” may be former Paypal executive Jack Selby, who has a net worth of $50 million, and is a big sports fan, reports The Daily Mail.

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Photo Credit: The Daily Mail

Sources: The Detroit News, The Daily Mail / Photo Source: The Detroit News


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