'It's A Deal': University President Accepts Student's Twitter Challenge, Shovels His Driveway

Michael Benson, president of Eastern Kentucky University, surprised a student after being challenged to shovel his driveway so he’d show up to class the next day.

Reports say that Benson received a tweet from EKU senior Devan Dannelly complaining about battling the snow to get to class and sarcastically challenging the school’s president to shovel his driveway to get him to go to class the next day.

“'Yo @EKUPrez come shovel my driveway/road and I'll come to class tomorrow...deal?” Dannelly tweeted.

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Benson got the tweet while he was out shoveling his own driveway and immediately went inside to show his wife.

“I see this tweet, and I go in to my wife, and I said, ‘I’m going to surprise a student. I just want to see the look on his face when I show up to shovel his driveway,’” Benson recalled.

Benson quickly fired back a response and asked for Dannelly’s address, and within an hour, he showed up, along with a friend, ready to shovel the student’s driveway. Dannelly was reportedly not home at the time, but his mother answered the door and let Benson shovel the driveway.

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Later on when Dannelly returned home, he was so blown away by what Benson and his friend did that he invited them out to dinner.

“Guys, [Benson] is a top class guy and I can not think of a better person to be our president,” Dannelly tweeted later that night. “The man is a hard worker too! I'm looking forward to class tomorrow! I will literally never complain about going to class again.”

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Class, however, was cancelled the next two days, but Dannelly held up his end of the bargain and went anyway. The student took a picture of himself in an empty classroom and posted it to Twitter as proof that he did what he said he’d do.

“No class this week but I held up my end of the deal anyways,” Dannelly tweeted.

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“It is rare that an average student like myself gets to have any kind of interaction with their campus president, so I feel honored really,” Dannelly said to Today.com. “He is really a top-class guy, and I think we both have become semi-famous overnight from all of this.”

“It was fun,” Benson said, according to Daily Mail, “and I got to make a connection with a student that otherwise probably wouldn’t have happened.”

Sources: Daily Mail, NY Daily News / Photo Sources: Daily Mail, NY Daily News


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