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University Of Missouri Protesters Call For Racial Equality, Segregate Themselves By Race

Protesters at the University of Missouri, who have been calling for racial equality, reportedly segregated themselves into black and white groups on the evening of Nov. 11.

The protesters, who call themselves #ConcernedStudent1950, asked for white students to leave one part of the school’s student center so that other students could have a “black only healing space," notes The Daily Caller.

Activist Steve Schmidt tweeted, "#ConceredStudent1950 is dividing into seven groups, They're asking white allies to leave #ConcernedStudent1950."

Jared Koller, of KOMU news, tweeted, "6 groups are led by original #ConcernedStudent1950 leaders with white participants in another group upstairs."

Johnetta Elzie, a Black Lives Matter activist, tweeted, "Black only healing space for the students to share, decompress, be vulnerable & real. #ConcernedStudent1950."

Student protesters and at least one teacher were caught on video (below) harassing reporters who were on the public campus trying to cover the protests and the resignations of the school's president and chancellor earlier this week.

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Photo Credit: Johnetta Elzie/Twitter Screenshot, Steve Schmidt/Twitter Screenshot / Video Credit: Mark Schierbecker

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