College Student Gets Epic Revenge After Football Player Allegedly Gave Her Chlamydia (Photo)


A student at the University of Michigan angrily posted thousands of fliers around campus after she allegedly got chlamydia from football player Jabrill Peppers.

The young woman had some harsh things to say about the college football star, Barstool Sports reported.

“You really are a despicable piece of s---,” she wrote on the flier. “Never would have thought you to be this terrible of a person.”

The letter, which is more than 600 words long, was posted all over the UM campus in Ann Arbor. Around 5,000 fliers were put up around UM's Mason Hall.

On Oct. 26, the 20-year-old defensive back responded to the rumors on Twitter.

“The slander is crazy,” he wrote. “My word is all I have, I will continue to walk w. my chest and chin high. People love bringing someone down. #prayedup.”

In the letter, the woman wrote that she contracted the sexually transmitted disease from Peppers twice in the last year, and she claims he knew about the disease the second time but didn’t say anything.

“I’ve never so much as had a serious cold until I met you,” she wrote on the flier. “Because I’m afraid of what I’ll do to you if I see you, I am writing this. And because you’ve messed up my life, I’m going to do my best to mess up yours.”

Read the full flier below.

WARNING: Note contains strong language.

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Sources: Barstool Sports, NY Daily News / Photo credit: Barstool Sports


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