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Unique Lamb Quickly Goes Viral

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A lamb born without a wool coat was given a fleece to keep itself warm. 

The lamb, whose nickname is Skippy because he "looks like a Kangaroo," was born on a farm in England and described by farm hand Sally-Ann Fisher as a "freak of nature."

Skippy was abandoned by his mother after birth.

“We've made a little jacket for him to wear out of an old jumper to keep him warm at night,” Fisher told the BBC. She added that they were at first unaware that the lamb’s lack of wool was a “health problem” or condition.

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“He’s just unlucky, but he’s doing great,” she said. 

National Sheep Association spokesperson Hannah Park said Skippy’s condition was “not common.”

“Some breeds with less wool might be susceptible but it is extremely unusual and not something we would see,” Park said. 

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“I've never heard or seen anything like this before,” American Sheep Industry Association executive director Peter Orwick told ABC News. 

In another odd animal rarity, a group of puppies in Spain were born with green fur. 

“I couldn't believe it when I first saw them,” dog breeder Aida Vallelado Molina told The Local. “I thought the puppies were dirty and tried to clean them, but the [color] wouldn't come off.”

The puppies with green fur were reportedly smaller and much weaker than the other dogs in the litter. One of the dogs, a female, died shortly after birth. Another remained alive but very weak, and soon began losing its pigment. 

“There are no other recorded cases of this happening in Spanish scientific literature,” vet Daniel Valverde said. 

Tests were subsequently carried out to attempt to find an answer as to why the dogs were green. Though rare, the dogs in Spain were not the first reported case of puppies with green fur. In 2012, a green Labrador was born in England and lost its pigment 10 days after it was born.

Sources: BBC, ABC News, The Local / Photo credit: BBC

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