Underage Drinker Avoids Ticket In An Unusual Way (Video)

One girl had the greatest relief of her life after she was caught drinking underage and a police officer let her off the hook following a game of rock paper scissors.

The unidentified girl, featured in a short Vine video, was reportedly drinking underage at “Chillfest” in Texas when a police officer caught her. The festival is a Texas country music festival near Texas A&M University where police often give tickets to minors caught drinking.

Unbelievably, one officer decides to play a game of rock paper scissors with the minor to determine her fate. To the girl’s surprise, she wins.

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“I have a friend who is a cop that sometimes does something similar,” one Reddit user wrote. “If he’s already decided he’s gonna let a person off with a warning, he’ll tell them he’s going to flip a coin on whether he’s going to give them a ticket or not. He always tells them they won, just so that person can tell his or her friends the story and never be believed.”

To date, the Vine has received nearly 3,500 likes. It’s between tweeted over 1,700 times. 

Sources: UNILAD, Complex / Photo Credit: UNILAD


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