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UK Mom Claims Bakery Put Vaginas On Daughter's Teddy Bear Cake (Photo)

A U.K. mother was shocked to discover what she believed to be “vaginas” on her toddler’s christening cake.

When Sharon Green picked up her daughter’s christening cake on June 21, she was repelled by the “offensive” line between the legs of two bears on the cake, reports Cosmo. According to Green, the sample teddy bears did not have the mark between their legs, otherwise she would not have ordered them.

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“I was shocked — I just presumed it would be OK, and the same as what I ordered,” Green said. “It is completely inappropriate. The cake is supposed to be for a 3-year-old girl.”

When Green returned the cake to the Occasion Cakes shop in Bolton, the store assistant made flowers for Green to attach in front of the lines, Daily Mail reports. Green claimed she wasn’t able to stick them onto the cake and therefore it wasn’t eaten. Green then demanded a refund.

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In response to Green’s complaints, Occasion Cakes defended its work.

“The crease on (the teddy bear’s) stomach is supposed to represent the seam where the bear is sewn together,” a representative said. “We have been making girl and boy teddies this way for 30 years and no one has ever drawn such a bizarre, and, quite frankly, distasteful connection.”

The spokesperson added that every effort was made to resolve Green’s complaint. The staff member who created flowers to go on top of the cake reportedly returned after shop hours to provide the service to Green.

Sources: Cosmo, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Via Cosmo


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