'Ugliest Bride I've Ever Photographed': Wedding Photographer Blasts Bride On Facebook, Claims He Was Hacked (Photos)


A photographer in Australia claimed he was hacked after a post appeared on his Facebook page calling a bride he worked with the “ugliest bride” he’d ever photographed.

Lee Maxwell Judd seemingly posted a rant against Ashlea Howard, newlywed who recently married her husband Daniel. Judd blasted the bride in a caption alongside a photo of the couple. The post followed a mix-up and delay in getting the photos delivered, about which the Howards had complained.

“Ugliest bride I have ever photographed,” the post read. “Winged (sic) the whole time. Bridezilla #1.”

The post, which was later removed from the page, sparked intense backlash from people all across social media. “It was really disgusting, I was absolutely mortified at his behaviour (sic), it was just unacceptable,” Ashlea said of the comments aimed at her.

The bride said Judd’s behavior on the day of the wedding was “bizarre,” taking shots at strange angles and random, rushed shots. “He was definitely one of the cheaper photographers but now I know why,” she said. “He was acting like some artsy-fartsy creative, it was just a bit bizarre.”

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“My god these are the most unprofessional and disgraceful comments I've ever seen from a business owner speaking to clients,” Facebook user Jonathan Powers wrote in response to the post. “5 star professionalism fail... The worst so called professional photography I have ever witnessed, amature (sic) at best. Then to go on and leave these comments about the Bride and her friends is a disgrace,” Dan Seldo added.

Judd subsequently responded to the controversy, maintaining he wasn’t responsible for the post and, rather, had been hacked.

“Apologies to all concerned. My FB was compromised by a computer hack yesterday evening,” he wrote. “Seems the hacking has generated an overload of new likes, leads and clients. Hackers I won't be pressured to take down this page on your account."

Sources: Daily Mirror, New Zealand Herald

Photo Credit: Via Daily Mirror


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