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UFO Crash Revealed As PR Stunt (Video)

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In a viral stunt created by a PR firm, a crashed UFO was investigated by secret agents.

The UFO story was created by a PR firm to sell a health drink called Clover and FutureLife.

In convincing footage, green lights can be seen from a UFO shooting through the sky. It crashes and lands in South Africa. In the full advertisement, a team wearing bio-hazard suits seal off areas of Cape Town.

A bio-hazard team is also seen in Sandton in the city of Johannesburg near a crashed UFO.

The stunt was immediately recognized as a hoax by social media users.

“Snadton and Willian Nicol crash site is probably a movie set,” traffic news expert Rob Byrne wrote on Twitter.

South African Olympic swimmer Roland Schoeman quipped that the aliens would have a tough time getting into the country with the current immigration policy.

“I hope the little aliens have their unabridged birth certificates,” Schoeman wrote.

The PR firm later admitted to creating the video.

Sources: Mirror, The Sun

Photo Credit: The Sun


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