UFC Fighter Sparks Outrage For Wearing 'Controversial' Shirt

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Photo Credit: The Fumble

Photo Credit: The Fumble

Colby Covington decided to up the ante in his beef with LeBron James by wearing a “F*** LeBron” shirt while shooting a social media video.

In a previous post, Covington called the “woke” athlete a “spineless coward.”

In his social media post, Covington is seen posing with two models in bikinis. He took a shot at LeBron, sending out a sarcastic congratulations message hailing LA Lakers for the low audience numbers during the finals.

“Congratulations are in order for my good buddy, LeBron James,” Covington stated. “Congrats, LeBron, on setting the record for the least-watched NBA finals in history. You wish you could blame it on the pandemic but everybody's just sick of your woke bulls***. And while the NBA's ratings are going down, the UFC's are going up. Just like our bank accounts.”

Photo Credit: The Fumble

Photo Credit: The Fumble

Game 3 of the NBA Finals, Lakers vs. Miami Heat, had a 3.1 average rating with 5.94 million viewers.

According to Sports Media Watch, Game 3 was the lowest-rated and least-watched NBA Finals game on record.

After defeating Tyron Woodley through a fifth round TKO in Vegas last month, Covington went on an unprovoked rant against LeBron.

Covington, an outspoken Trump supporter, expressed his gratitude towards the country's first responders in his post-match statement before slamming LeBron and other “woke” athletes.

Photo Credit: The Fumble

Photo Credit: The Fumble

“[First responders] keep this world safe, not these woke athletes, man,” Covington said. “I’m sick of these woke athletes, these spineless cowards like LeBron James.”

LeBron dismissed Covington’s statement, and offered the following response: “Anybody can talk from outside but if they got into the ring or got into the arena, probably 10 times out of 10, they’d s*** their pants.”

LeBron’s fans were outraged by Covington’s statements. Some of the social media comments read:

“LeBron James continues to ignore Colby Covington while living rent free in his head. This is truly embarrassing.”

Photo Credit: The Fumble

Photo Credit: The Fumble

“Colby Covington estimated career earnings: $1,879,000 LeBron James estimated career earnings: $343,863,770”

“Lebron is one of the best at what he does. Who's this Covington? What has he accomplished”

“Lebron has so much free real estate in Colby Covington's head. The dude keeps calling him out randomly. Like Colby, just ask him out already”

Sources: America Now

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