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UFC Fighter Flips Off Announcer Who Calls His Son A Girl (Video)

UFC fighter, Roy Nelson, recently gave an announcer the finger for referring to his son, who has long hair, as a "female fighter" during an event (video below).

The announcer apologized to the mixed martial arts heavyweight several times, notes

However, Reddit users on the social media site's MMA section were mixed in their responses to the video:

One user said, "Check your micro-aggressions bro! You should always ask someone what their preferred gender pronoun is before calling them one."

"It definitely put Roy in a bad mood for a bit there. The smart thing to say would have been "the kid" instead of "the boy/girl," another user notes.

"What do you expect Roy. Your little dude looks like some f------- Fabio - Britney Spears creation. Calm your (fat) t---," said BroSneezle.

Nosra420 said, "$10 says that kid is getting a haircut ASAP buzzcut."

Sources:, Reddit / Photo Credit: MMA Uncensored/YouTube

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