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Watch: UC Berkeley's Police Brutality Protest Blocks Students From Getting To Class (Video)

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A group of University of California, Berkeley students blocked Sather Gate and prevented people from going to class in an effort to protest police brutality as well as climate concerns on campus.

“Several people have asked me, ‘what are you doing today? You’re just blocking Sather Gate. You’re making students mad,'” student Jonathan Verdugo said. “We’re like, ‘no, look around. Do you see all of these students standing around here? We’re raising solidarity.’”

The protest, as explained by student Sierra Barton in a video posted online, was to “disrupt business as usual” in order to make people “recognize the inconvenience that black youth and people of color face on a daily basis.”

The video showed highlights of the demonstration, including one moment where protesters restrained a student as he attempted to push through the crowd to get through Sather Gate.

“We’re dehumanizing people,” Verdugo said. “We’re rationalizing whatever actions we take against them. And that’s not okay.”

Despite the students’ intentions, those who viewed the video on Reddit criticized their method of protesting – with some calling them “entitled” and saying that what they were doing would only make people angry as opposed to raising awareness.

“This will just make people pissed. Such a waste of time,” Redditor Azberg said.

“So according to them, preventing people from getting an education (going to class) is going to help make our society less prone to racism, inequality and violence? Sure...” RealHumanHere added.

Watch video of the protest below. Do you think blocking fellow students from getting around campus was the most effective way to get the message across?

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