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Uber Driver Pranks Passengers With Fake Drug Deal (Video)

A YouTube video (below) posted Dec. 18 shows an Uber driver pretending to sell marijuana while his passengers look on in shock and disbelief.

The HammyTV YouTube channel states: "We had to find out how people would react when pounds of marijuana [were] being sold during an Uber ride. Watch passengers reactions as we do this prank on the Uber passengers. This was a great prank and social experiment."

After picking up his passengers, the driver takes an angry phone call demanding to know where he is. While his passengers wonder what's going on, the driver explains that he needs to drop off a package to his boss, who yelled at him on the phone.

The driver then asks his stunned passengers for assistance in packing some fake marijuana for him to drop off.

Some of the passengers ask the driver if he has any extra pot for them, but others are visibly upset. The driver reminds one female passenger that her prints are on the bag of marijuana: "[Y]ou’re in this as much as I am."

The driver stops to exchange bags with his boss as the passengers witness the fake illicit transactions.

A couple of passengers tell the driver to pull over so they can exit the vehicle. The driver explains to all the passengers that they are being filmed for YouTube and that the "drug deal" was a prank.

Each of the passengers then gets $100 for their trouble.

While the Uber driver wasn't selling real marijuana, President-elect Donald Trump is selling the "Official USA Thank You Tour 16oz. Cup - Pack of 4" on his website for $23.00, which comes out to almost $6 bucks per plastic cup.

The website says the cups are "Proudly Made in USA," which would be a change from Trump's ties and clothing that are made overseas.

For folks who think $6 per cup is too steep, Walmart sells 50 of the same type of cup, without the "official" logo, on its website for $6.27.

Sources: HammyTV/YouTube, Donald J., Walmart / Photo credit: HammyTV/YouTube

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