Two White Girls Cry, Sulk After Getting Black Dolls For Christmas (Video)


A YouTube video (below) showing two young white girls receiving black dolls for Christmas went viral after being posted on Dec. 30.

It's not clear if the video was meant as a joke or a social experiment, but one girl is in a state of shock, although she tries to hide it, while her sister openly cries. Adults are heard laughing in the background.

Salon notes: "Though obviously not an official social experiment, their reaction is a comment on just how early in life racial bias forms."

Essence was more pointed in its response to the parents who posted the video:

"What was the purpose of buying the dolls -- was this intended as a prank?

"If it was a prank, were you using Blackness as a tool to make the child unhappy or were you using it as a tool to show the rejection of Blackness?

"Why post this to YouTube, do parents need cultural sensitivity lessons too?"

Sources: Salon, Essence / Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot

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