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Two Poodles Rescued From Los Angeles Sewer

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Two poodles were recently rescued from a Los Angeles sewer after living in the structure for several months.

Hope for Paws, an animal rescue center in California, originally received a call that two dogs were living under the I-5 freeway. So, Eldad Hagar and Vanessa Enriquez went on a mission to bring the dogs, Pepsi and Cola, to safety.

In video footage, the rescuers can be seen attempting to get close to the brother and sister. However, the male dog can be seen shielding his sister.

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The rescuers then attempt to bribe the dogs with food. However, it takes a bit more time to get the dogs to trust the rescuers.

“After surviving on their own for so long, the two pooches had grown wary of people,” Hagar noted.

Hope for Paws noted that there was a beautiful moment in the video where Pepsi protected Cola. The organization noted that the love and loyalty between the dogs was “awe-inspiring.”

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A family who had fed the dogs while they were living in the sewer later reunited with the pups and were amazed at how the dogs had changed.

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Now, the dogs are up for adoption and the organization hopes someone will adopt the siblings together. 

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Sources: DailyMail, CBS Local

Photo Credit: Dog Time


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