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Two Huskies Get Into An 'Argument' (Video)

Mishka the Siberian Husky had the astonishing ability to howl so precisely that humans could swear she was speaking actual words. When she and her precocious little sister had a disagreement, their ensuing argument became an adorable "war of words" between two very vocal siblings (video below).

When Mishka planted herself comfortably on the family ottoman, she appeared completely content to just lounge in the sunlight pouring through the nearby window. Enter Laika, her Husky sister, who trots up with her tail wagging.

Laika wanted to play, but Mishka was in no mood to climb off of her comfortable perch. Their resulting back-and-forth proved to be so expressive that their owner cheekily inserted subtitles to translate what the two siblings might have been saying to each other, according to Shareably.

"Come on!" Laika howled, roving back and forth excitedly, trying to coax her lazy older sister off of the ottoman.

"No, leave me... I'm really tired!" Mischa responded in a canine whine.

Soon enough, the two Huskies are letting rip a medley of howls, bickering over Mishka's status as the alpha and whether or not Laika was behaving like an overbearing mother.

"Play now!" Laika yelps.

"I don't want to!" Mischa howls in response.

The two sisters knock back their heads and howl to the ceiling, their argument reaching a crescendo. Before Laika gives up and trots off, she reassures Mishka that she loves her.

"I knooow!" Mishka howls back.

Mishka's unique vocal abilities had made her an internet celebrity. Videos of her howling English words sparked a viral sensation beginning in 2008. After Laika joined the family in 2011, she became a co-star in her famous sister's YouTube hits, the Knoxville News Sentinel reports.

The two Huskies bickered and played together under the loving care of the Gardea family in South Amboy, New Jersey. Videos of their exploits racked up millions of views, and those who watched were smitten with Mishka's vocal talents and her adorable chemistry with Laika.

Sadly, Mishka developed cancer at 14 years old. The Gardea family announced the diagnosis on Feb. 14 on Mishka the Talking Husky's official Facebook page.

"Your support is overwhelming, it really shows how many lives Mishka has touched over the years," the Gardeas wrote to all of Mishka's fans. "Thank you."

On April 5, the Gardea family announced that the talkative Husky had passed away.

"[Mishka] stayed strong until the end and went peacefully," her owners wrote on Mishka the Talking Husky's official Facebook page. "We will miss her terribly but know in our hearts it was her time to go."

The bereaved owners added that they had been "truly blessed to have her as part of our family for the last 14 years ... We love you."

Sources: Knoxville News SentinelMishka the Talking Husky/FacebookShareably / Photo credit: Pixabay

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