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Two-Headed Piglet Found Outside Buddhist Temple In China (Video)

Residents in the town of Xinkou, China, recently discovered a two-headed piglet abandoned on the steps of a Buddhist temple.

The pig has three ears and can eat using both of its mouths. Due to the weight of its head, however, the piglet is unable to walk or stand up on its own.

Yang Jinliang, a passerby who decided to adopt the piglet upon seeing it, says he uses a bottle to feed the pig baby formula. He’s now seeking help from animal experts in an effort to keep the local celebrity piglet alive.

Some readers expressed hope for the piglet’s future.

“Sweet little soul, I hope it survives as long as it's not suffering,” Sally.S wrote on the Daily Mail.

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Others, however, weren’t so hopeful.

“Probably conjoined twins - but somehow I think it is unlikely to survive long,” DeiraLl wrote.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Break / Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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