Two Boys Hailed As Heroes For Rescuing Babies From Burning Mobile Home

Isaiah Francis may have had his dream come true: “I've been wanting to (be a fireman) ever since I was 5 years old,” he told CBS affiliate WKMG. He and his friend are being hailed as heroes for rescuing two babies from a mobile house fire in Orange County, central Florida.

Isaiah, 10, and Jeremiah Grimes, 11, were playing video games on June 16 when they smelled smoke. “We looked out the window and we saw flames coming out of the house. (It was) really hot. It felt like 150 degrees in there,” Jeremiah told NBC affiliate WESH.

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“So we ran over there as fast as we could, and the dad was outside trying to find water,” Isaiah said. “We asked them if there were any kids in there, and he said, ‘Yes!’ We said, ‘Where?’ He said, ‘In the kitchen!’”

“I’m just thinking, ‘Stay calm, keep your mind straight, stay focused on what you’re doing.’” Jeremiah said.

The boys raced inside the mobile home. Jeremiah grabbed the 8-month-old infant and Isaiah grabbed the 18-month-old. Isaiah said he could see the flames inside. “Yes, it was really close to the babies, because it started by the couch,” he said.

“Mostly, it was just dark. You could see black and orange flames everywhere, and I was kind of scared of doing that,” Jeremiah said.

“I was scared, but got through my fear and went into the fire,” Isaiah added.

Jeremiah’s mother had gone out for groceries but left a phone with her son, so he called 911. The boys carried the children out and took them to Isaiah’s house where they put them on the couch and gave them water, My Fox Philly reports.

“We made sure they were OK, nothing wrong with them,” Jeremiah said.

Isaiah said that he knew there were other children inside, but when he asked the father whether more were in the house, he said no.

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Firefighters rescued two more children, ages 2 and 5. One was taken to the hospital in a medical helicopter. Both are in critical but stable condition. According to a tweet by the fire department, four children and one adult were inside at the time the fire broke out, Daily Mail reports.

The state fire marshal is looking into the reason he man did not evacuate all of the children from the home. Fox 35 says that they are trying to find out if he will be charged with anything.

Meanwhile, Jeremiah and Isaiah are being called heroes. Isaiah’s uncle said, “Amazing. Ten years old, to do that, you know, already — he’s got a great future ahead of him.”

Sources: My Fox Philly, Daily Mail,  WESH, WKMG

Photo Credit: Screenshot via My Fox Philly


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