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Bald Eagles Rescued From Drainage Ditch (Photos)

Two bald eagles had to be rescued after becoming trapped in a storm drain in Orlando, Florida.

Images show one eagle lying on top of the other with its wings spread out, giving the impression of a protective posture.

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But according to eyewitnesses, the two eagles, a male and a female, were fighting with each other in the sky when they both fell to the ground and landed on the drainage ditch grate, according to the Daily Mail.

The incident occurred in the early evening hours of Nov. 10.

Dianna Flynt of the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey said she believes the fight probably started after one bird encroached on the other's territory.

"What we have is a fight going on, and they fight unbelievably to the battle but hopefully not to the death," Flynt told WKMG.

It is thought that the eagles became entangled in the air, which explains why they both fell.

The male bird managed to free itself after about one hour, whereas the female had to be physically removed from the drain and placed in a box so that it could be taken to a care facility. The ordeal lasted about an hour and a half.

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The Audubon Center for Birds of Prey indicated that the female bird suffered injuries to its chest, legs and beak, and will be receiving treatment at the center for the next six weeks.

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Images of the birds quickly began to circulate on social media, with some people drawing analogies between the birds' misfortune and current political situation in the United States.

"Right now there is a bald eagle stuck in a sewer drain and I feel like it's the perfect metaphor for a Trump presidency," one Twitter user wrote, according to the Daily Mail.

"The eagle falling down the storm drain is a metaphor for this country," wrote another. "They rescued it eventually, but who knows what injuries it may have."

Others saw the incident in a more positive light.

"Injured Bald Eagle rescued in FL – a metaphor for reviving of a crippled America!" Twitter user Kelly Holliday said, according to The Washington Post.

Sources: WKMG, Daily Mail, The Washington Post / Photo credit: Orange County Fire Rescue, WFTV via Daily Mail

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