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Twitter User's Clever Response To Man Who Asked For Nude Picture Goes Viral (Photo)

When one Twitter user asked a woman to send him nudes, the woman replied with a picture of a loading sign as a prank.

“I want to see you without all that necessary clothing on,” the man wrote.

Twitter user jwzayn was eager to ditch the creep who asked for a picture, so she sent him a picture of a loading screen with a scrolling blue circle. The picture can be seen below.

The man didn’t seem to get the joke. Instead, he assumed his phone was broken. When jwzayn sent him the picture again, he still didn’t get the joke.

It’s unclear how long the two had been talking before the man asked jwzayn for pictures.

Twitter users favorited the exchange between both the woman and man, which jwzayn posted on Jan. 6.

Jwzayn later gave her followers the link to the photo and advised them to use it “to mess with F***boys” in the future.

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Sources:, / Photo Credit: Jwzayn/Twitter

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