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Twin Sister's Emotional Eulogy Goes Viral

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A young woman created a touching tribute to her twin sister, who lost a long battle with cancer at the age of 19.

The teen, named Sabrina, posted a series of photos titled "A Photo of You for Every Year You Got To Live" in tribute to her twin.

The first image in the series was a photo of her sister with the heartbreaking caption “You died this morning, August 2, 2016. You were just 19 years old.”

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Sabrina’s twin, Elizabeth Caitlin Puckett, known as Caitlin, died after a long battle with leukemia.

“You kicked cancer’s ass four times since 2011, but you were also so tired,” Sabrina wrote in her tribute. The two grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Sabrina said she always admired her sister.

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“You were gorgeous,” she wrote in a caption alongside one of the photos. Some of the photos show the two sisters standing next to one another in more formal poses, while others demonstrated their close, often silly relationship.

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“Momma took some really stupid photos of us," Sabrina wrote alongside a photo their mother snapped of the two of them falling asleep together. "And some good ones, too,” 

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“You graduated… a whole year behind me. But I’d never seen a whole stadium give a standing applause like the one they gave you,” she wrote alongside a photo of her sister graduating high school shortly before her death. 

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After the eulogy went viral, Sabrina shared an update and thanked readers for supporting her family through such a difficult time. The family also launched a GoFundMe in honor of Caitlin, the proceeds of which would go to a local charity:

The support you guys have given us is phenomenal and unreal. We've gone so far over the limit, we're legitimately thinking about splitting donations between Lana's Love (the charity) and the local children's hospital in thanks of caring for Caitlin all these years, the Children's Hospital at Erlanger, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

We've decided to keep the GoFundMe page up until her memorial service in a week or two. There will not be a funeral and she decided to be cremated. In her own words, "I will not go into a funeral home, alive, dead, or anything in between. They're depressing." A Weeping Willow will be planted in her honor on our family property, as was her wish.

Again, thank you guys so much for all your support and love and internet hugs. My sister would be so happy that she ended up making such a difference in so many strangers' lives and supporting her favorite charity all in one day. Thank you.

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Sources: Chikoshika123/Imgur, LittleThings / Photo credit: LittleThings

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