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Watch This Twerking Woman Cause A Motorcycle To Crash (Video)

One woman's suggestive dancing has caused a serious traffic accident, according to a video (below) on YouTube that has gone viral. Shocked users have shared the video thousands of times and expressed their outrage, disbelief and well-wishes for the motorcyclist.

The video shows a brunette dancing by the side of a road while a friend records. The friend laughs as the brunette strikes a pose for the camera and begins to show off her skills. Cars pass, and the brunette moves to a different pose. The friend continues to giggle as a motorcycle can be heard approaching in the background.

As the biker comes into frame, the dancing brunette begins again and cheers to get his attention. It's clear it works -- the video shows his head turning just in time that he fails to see an oncoming car.

Eyes off the road and instead on a gyrating woman, the motorcyclist is struck head-on by a BMW. The biker is tossed into the air.

Although the girl filming does move the camera away from the grisly scene, briefly showing her own panicked face, the clip returns to the hurt biker. His body is limp, tossed dozens of feet away from the crash.

The biker amazingly managed to survive this accident, reports The Sun. He was seriously injured with a broken pelvis and leg, but he'll recover and learn a valuable lesson about watching the road when he drives.

The video, filmed in Ukraine, has been viewed by more than 170,000 people and generated thousands of comments in response.

YouTube viewers have placed the blame on everyone involved -- the woman twerking, her friend filming, the distracted biker and even the unsuspecting driver of the car. One viewer managed to implicate every person involved, constructing an intricate web of responsibilities.

"Why would you dance on the motorway?" asked one commenter, getting to the heart of the issue.

Unfortunately, the world may never know why exactly the woman dancing in the video decided a stretch of road in a strange part of town was the right place to record.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes that motorcyclists die in crashes 27 times more often than those in other types of vehicle crashes. The NHTSA also notes that 43 percent of motorcyclists who died in crashes in 2014 were impaired by alcohol or drugs.

The administration advises motorcycle riders to ride "defensively" and always to anticipate and avoid possible hazards.

Sources:  The Sun, NHTSA / Photo credit: Joshua Kimberly/Wikimedia Commons

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