Texas School District Tweets Epic Response To Student About Potential Closings

An epic tweet sent out by a Texas school district in response to a student’s question about closings has gone viral.

On Tuesday night, Mansfield Independent School District sent out a tweet to their followers acknowledging that the threat of snow could potentially mean that schools would be closed the next day. In the tweet, Mansfield ISD said they would let people know by 5:30 a.m. whether or not school would still be in session.

“No decision made about school on Wednesday yet because the snow may not stick,” Mansfield ISD tweeted. “We’ll keep an eye on it and let you know by 5:30 a.m.”

This tweet apparently didn’t sit well with one student who wanted to know at the moment whether or not they’d be closed so that he could decide if he was going to “turn up” that night.

“@mansfieldisd fam 5:45 is a bit early. I gotta decide to turn up tonight or go to bed,” student Jordan Higy tweeted back.

“@Jdogg_1998 You can still turn up! Just turn down by 10 p.m. so that you're prepared for whatever decision is made,” the school responded.

Since that exchange, a screenshot of the conversation has quickly gone viral, and many people have applauded the school district for their perfectly witty response.

“He was concerned about school. And its a fun way to respond to a student allow them to make a choice between being responsible and going to bed or staying up and having a chance of going to school on no sleep,” Cheyenne Baxley told Fox 4 News. “I liked it.”

Still, others thought the school district was promoting “turning up,” which is slang for partying.

“Should the district really be condoning “turning up”?? Just curious bcuz [sic] I have a teenage daughter and wouldn't want her district condoning that especially since I don't. Inappropriate if u ask me,” Jess Mayo wrote on social media.

Do you think the school district’s response was good, or did it go too far?

Source: Fox 4 News / Photo Sources: Wikimedia Commons, Pixabay


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