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TV Weatherman Scolds Station's Reporters On Air (Video)

A weatherman in Tulsa, Oklahoma, scolded his TV station's reporters on May 30 for driving on flooded roads for their live reports while he was advising people to stay off the roads.

FOX23 meteorologist James Aydelott made the unexpected comments at the beginning of his weather report, noted (video below).

According to, Aydelott said:

"I'm going to stop right now. I want you people in the newsroom to get this message to the reporters right now. Tell them to stop driving in flooded roads.

"We’re telling people not to do this and our reporters are still doing it. They need to be where they are, stay there, set up a live shot and be safe. Stop driving in flooded roads. It’s very dangerous."

Image Credit: FOX23 Screenshot


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