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TV Reporter's Interview With Whale Expert Interrupted By Blue Whale (Video)

BBC One reporter Steve Backshall was interviewing whale expert Doris Welch for the TV program "Big Blue Live" on Aug. 30 when he was interrupted by a blue whale surfacing (video below).

This happened at the National Marine Sanctuary in Monterey Bay, California.

When the whale surfaced it was caught on camera by a second unit in a helicopter above the boat on which the interview was taking place, noted The Telegraph.

Backshall stated excitedly:

"I can see it now! The largest animal ever known to have lived on our planet, larger than any of the dinosaurs. a creature that we hunted so 99 percent of its numbers have disappeared. It’s back. It’s here. It’s in the bay right now, live. This is one of the most extraordinary things I've ever seen!

"...Perhaps the most incredible thing about this for me is that, when I I started my career, when I started filming wildlife just 16 years ago, if someone said, 'Go and film a blue whale' I would have said they were crazy!"

Sources: NBC New York, BBC One/YouTubeThe Telegraph / Photo credit: BBC 1 Screenshot


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