TV Reporter Refuses To Pet Dog, Viewers Angry (Video)


WTVC recently posted a "blooper reel" video (below) on Facebook of their TV reporter Stephanie Santostasi refusing to pet a dog in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The stray dog walked up when Santostasi was trying to film a promo for her story, but she turned down his outstretched paw and and asked the cameraman to put the pooch in a car, notes

Unfortunately, many viewers were upset with Santostasi for turning down the dog's offer of friendship, and made their feelings known on Facebook:

" In 3, 2, 1-- you should have pet the pup!"

"Not funny"

"That says a lot about a person when they can't pet a dog or keep it from being run over by a car not a nice person.!!!"

Santostasi responded on Facebook: "I actually love dogs! Have two of my own! We played with this guy for several minutes before getting him home safe. This video was intended as a behind the scenes for viewers."

Sources:, WTVC via Facebook / Photo Credit: WTVC via Facebook Screenshot

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