TV Reporter Lives With Homeless Who Curse At Him (Video)


Mitch McCoy, a TV reporter for KARK 4 News, lived with homeless people on the streets of Little Rock, Arkansas, for 24 hours during Feb. 23-24 (video below).

When McCoy checked in during a live broadcast, he was cursed at by some of the homeless people whom he was trying to cover.

McCoy quickly walked away, and tossed the segment back to the news studio, noted

According to the KARK 4 News website, McCoy​ was accompanied by a homeless man named Michael, who showed the reporter what it was like to live in the frigid weather.

McCoy​ and Michael walked around the town looking for meals and money to pay for rent at a local shelter. wrote: "It's a sweeps stunt classic that has been around since the 80's."

To its credit, the news site did include links to homeless services where people can seek help or donate.


Sources:, KARK 4 News / Photo credit: KARK 4 News via YouTube

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