TV News Anchors Pranked During Snowstorm, Unaware (Video)


Two TV news anchors in Washington, D.C., were recently prank-called on the air, but were unaware that they had been fooled (video below).

NBC Washington/WRC took a phone call on Jan. 23 from a man who gave his name as "Jason Bond," and pretended to be from the Virginia Department of Transportation, reports FTVLive.

The call started off normally with Jason giving warnings to motorists to stay off the snowy roads, then one of the anchors chimed in with reports about cars getting stuck on the road.

"My drug dealer and my prostitute were on the way, and they couldn't get it delivered," Jason agreed. "I couldn't believe it."

The news anchors continued their conversation with the prankster, who gave more advice.

"Stay hunkered down as long as possible," Jason stated. "Check the main roads, call your friends, family, use your networks that you know to see if its passable. If it's not, don't take a chance. There's no reason for it. The prostitutes will be there tomorrow morning, and we can have a good time then."

One of the news anchors then asked Jason about his road crews and their shifts.

"These guys are working, I hate to say it, but almost 20 hours, and the good call girls in the hotel, they just stay there," Jason told the station.

At this point an unidentified person in the control room appeared to be waving the anchors off, and they finally ended the prank call.

According to The Associated Press, at least 37 people died on the East Coast due to storm-related issues. Many of the deaths happened because people did not abide by officials' repeated warnings to stay in their homes.

In Washington, D.C., an 82-year-old man was shoveling snow outside his home when he went into cardiac arrest. Two people in nearby Maryland also died while shoveling snow, while another man in Virginia died while shoveling. Several car accidents also led to deaths.

Sources:, Otat/YouTube, AP / Photo credit: Otat/YouTube

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