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TV News Anchor Freaks Out Over Rat Trap Picture (Video)

WGN news anchor Micah Materre got upset on the air when co-anchor Mark Suppelsa showed the audience a picture of a rat trap on Jan. 7 (video below).

Suppelsa told Chicago viewers that the rat trap had been placed near the news anchor desk because there was a rat loose in the station, notes FTVLive.

Materre dropped her head down and covered her eyes.

"Seriously, I have a phobia, I told you this," Materre told Suppelsa.

Meteorologist Demetrius Ivory said that rats could be running under the desk "right now," which caused Materre to stick her fingers in her ears.

Suppelsa and Ivory later brought up the Michael Jackson song "Ben" about a rat, which caused Materre to walk off the set.

Sources: FTVLive, WGN / Photo Credit: YouTube

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