TV News Anchor Drops F-Bomb Accidentally (Video)


John Krinjak, a TV news anchor for WABI in Bangor, Maine, dropped the F-bomb during a broadcast March 13 (video below).

Krinjak was doing a promo for an upcoming news report, which appeared to be going normally until the very end, notes

"Hi I'm John Krinjak. Coming up tonight on TV 5 news at 11, a renewed search today for a Houlton pilot who went missing more than four decades ago," Krinjak said. "Plus, folks braved icy water to honor fallen heroes from our state. We'll take you to Ellsworth for that. High school, f---, sorry."

Krinjak then turned to walk off-camera, but turned back for a few awkward seconds.

WABI told a viewer on its Facebook page on March 14: "We are so sorry you and our other viewers had to be exposed to that. What you saw was actually recorded. The reporter flubbed words, so he had to do at least three takes."

"It was supposed to air Saturday night, not Sunday. And that version was definitely not supposed to hit air at all. It is unprofessional to use such language, especially around any camera or microphone. It shouldn't have happened."

Ryan Gavin of WJBQ, a radio station in Portland, Maine, empathized with Krinjak's blooper: "As a fellow broadcaster on the radio side of the universe, I will absolutely admit to doing this about 50 times every single day. We all mess up, even the most experienced veterans among us. The trick is to not do it when you’re live on the air!"

However, as WABI noted, the segment was actually recorded, not live, but accidentally aired.

Sources:, Facebook, WJBQ / Photo credit: WABI via YouTube

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