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TV News Anchor Cries Over Man's Baby Rescue (Video)

WGN-TV news anchor Dina Bair recently cried while her co-anchor Mark Suppelsa read a story about a man in rescuing his baby niece in Alabama (video below).

Tyler Blake Kimbrall used his cell phone for light while trying to rescue his 11-month-old niece, Breleigh, after his sister's car dropped about 100 feet down a cliff on August 4, noted ABC News.

The cell phone also recorded Kimbrall getting the infant out; the seven-minute video later went viral.

There was also separate video on WGN-TV's report of Kimbrall and his happy niece, which elicited a "Thank goodness!" from Bair, who was choked up, notes

At the end of the segment, someone handed Bair a tissue.

Sources:, ABC News / Photo Credit: WGN-TV Screenshot


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