TV Host Fires Back At Fans Critical Of Her 'Revealing' Outfit

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TV host Maya Jama decided to respond to trolls who made nasty comments about the dress she was wearing on the latest episode of Save Our Summer.

Jama, who hosts the weekly show with England football star Peter Crouch, found herself in the middle of a controversy last week after fans slammed her for wearing the “revealing” dress.


The 25-year-old didn’t take the nasty comments lying down, and clapped back with her own tweets.

She responded to one fan: “Appreciate your concern. I am able and allowed to dress how I please. If you feel uncomfortable by my boobs sitting in my dress that’s on you sis. We're all fighting for equality and similar treatment to our male counterparts. Don't let the side down by hyper sexualizing my bod.”

To another troll who stated that she looked “obese” and suggested that Jama “go on a diet,” she responded, “You look like you p**s ash, please focus on your own vitamin intake.”


Jama revealed that she made the public responses “not for sympathy or for you guys to get at them but just to remind you that people are MAD on here and more time if someone's gone out the way to be mean to a stranger unprovoked it's a reflection on them not you.”

She added: “I laugh at it now cause I’m used to it but for those that aren’t and if you are experiencing the effects of an unhappy troll just mute or block and try to feel sorry for them.”

Other fans praised her for standing up for herself.


“I think what she is trying to say is that you're a successful intelligent woman with your own mind on how to act and dress,” one person wrote.

Another one commented: “Don’t pay any attention to these people. You can dress however you please & you don’t have to dress differently just to please others. You looked fab last night & I’ve enjoyed watching the last two shows x.”

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Matthew Smith, Twitter/Maya Jama

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