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TV Anchor Giggles About Couple Accused Of Fighting Over Crack (Video)

Police in Rock Hill, South Carolina, recently responded to a call in which a couple were allegedly fighting over their last rock of crack cocaine (video below).

According to the Rock Hill Police Department, Amy Martin claimed her husband Bobby Martin III assaulted her while they were smoking the illegal drug.

Amy allegedly used the crack cocaine, gave it to Bobby, temporarily left the room, returned, tried to take the unused portion back, but Bobby reportedly pushed her down and punched her in the face, reports Fox 46.

Bobby claimed Amy jumped him because she wanted the last bit of the drug and he fell to the floor because he wasn't wearing his prosthetic leg.

The prosthetic leg part made Fox 46 news anchor Kayla Ayers laugh as she described the story, notes

Ayers started at the Charlotte, North Carolina, TV station on July 13.

Amy and Bobby were charged with third-degree domestic violence.

Sources: Fox 46, / Image Credit: Screenshot via Fox 46


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