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Tucker Carlson Rips Don Lemon For Allegedly Having An 'Offensive' Item Inside His Home

Photo Credit: Fox News

Photo Credit: Fox News

Note: we are republishing this story amid a nationwide conversation about race and racial justice in America. 

Tucker Carlson took the time to mock CNN rival host Don Lemon for his black face cookie jar and $4.3 million Hamptons home.

Carlson accused Lemon of hypocrisy, referencing the CNN host’s recent comments where he called America racist, and pointed out the offensive ornament visible in Lemon’s Sag Harbor kitchen.

“You've heard from the White House and the President himself that white supremacy is a lurking threat and you might not see it but it's always there like Russian spies, white supremacists, in the dark of night and the most surprising form. We're not calling it to be a white supremacist here but you have to ask yourself - and we're putting it on the screen now. What is this? The symbol of hate? Symbol of hate posing as a cookie jar doing in Don Lemon's kitchen?” Carlson stated.

Photo Credit: Fox News

Photo Credit: Fox News

“You see that? That right there, ladies and gentlemen, is a white supremacist QAnon cookie jar. We are not calling for the Department of Justice to look more deeply into this and that's not our place and we're cable news show not a law enforcement agency,” he added. “But let's put it this way if you find yourself with a black face cookie jar in your kitchen, it's time to reflect. That means you, Don Lemon.”

Carlson seemed to be sarcastically referring to CNN's repeated calls for investigations into QAnon supporters, domestic terrorists and white supremacism, a move that has caused the network to be accused of sacrificing editorial integrity to lecture its viewers.

Photo Credit: Fox News

Photo Credit: Fox News

Carlson talked about Lemon’s recent interview with the Washington Post, where Lemon stated that the Trump presidency proved racism in America, and added, “We're living in two different realities as black and white people.”

Lemon was promoting his book This is the Fire.

Carlson said: “It's interesting we read that and here's a guy who makes millions of dollars a year from presiding over a show that's failing, and that seems like a pretty good deal. But like so many, is also a victim a successful victim.”

Lemon makes $4milllion hosting Don Lemon Tonight and owns a $4.3million, 2,750-square-foot four-bedroom cottage in Sag Harbor, New York, with his fiancé Tim Malone.

Photo Credit: Fox News

Photo Credit: Fox News

Carlson stated that the 55-year-old's lifestyle was an indication of a loose commitment to diversity.

“He lectures America about diversity. What he did not tell The Washington Post is that in his free time he runs away from diversity. His reality is that he doesn't like diversity at all. None of them do,” he said.

According to Data USA, Sag Harbor has seven times more white residents than any other race or ethnicity. 

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story omitted Don Lemon’s response to Tucker Carlson’s comments. On his show Don Lemon Tonight, Lemon specifically responded to Carlson’s comment about him not living in Section 8 housing, saying:

“Let me simply just say this: If you think that a Black person who doesn't live in public housing can’t experience or understand racism in this country, well, that just says much more about you and your ignorance on these issues than it does about me.”

Sources: Daily Mail

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