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Trump's 'Fake News Awards' Crashes GOP Website

Trump's 'Fake News Awards' Crashes GOP Website Promo Image

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to announce the winners of his "Fake News Awards."

The president tweeted a link to the GOP website on Jan. 17 to announce the winners for his "Fake News Awards," the Daily Mail reported. The site is said to have crashed immediately.

The site is currently running and the winners include The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time magazine, ABC News, Newsweek and CNN. The New York Times won a total of two awards, while CNN stole the show with a total of four.

The website listed mistakes made by the news networks in 2017. Trump ended the list by mentioning special prosecutor Robert Mueller's ongoing investigation into his campaign's ties to Russia during the 2016 presidential election.

Several Twitter users responded to the president's "Fake News Awards" announcement. Most were not amused.

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"Firstly, what a pathetic [and] childish outburst. Disgraceful actually. Fully endorsed by an equally disgraceful GOP. Spineless," wrote one user. "Then the Trump Twitter bots immediately fill up replies to support this ridiculousness, feeding this egomaniac's thirst [for] acceptance. Sad, dangerous days."

"And as expected, Trump leaves out fox news which is one of the most corrupt dishonest news organizations there is," wrote another. "His concern is that which is attacking him not that the mainstream media in general lies to the public & manipulates them on a regular basis. Sad."

"Where is your award for being the most inaccurate and obnoxious, immoral and divisive president this country has ever had?" asked another user.

However, of course, some users supported the president.

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"President Trump, loved your fake news awards. So many thousands and thousands to choose from, but your choices were great," wrote one user. "Thank you for loving America so much you are willing to endure lies and slander to keep making America great again!"

Shortly after providing the link to his "Fake News Awards" winners, Trump took a moment to acknowledge some "great reporters."

"Despite some very corrupt and dishonest media coverage, there are many great reporters I respect and lots of GOOD NEWS for the American people to be proud of!" the president tweeted. "ISIS is in retreat, our economy is booming, investments and jobs are pouring back into the country, and so much more! Together there is nothing we can’t overcome--even a very biased media. We ARE Making America Great Again!"

The Washington Post has since fact-checked the GOP website's list. They pointed out that many of the stories Trump dubbed as "fake news" were just tweets that were quickly corrected and never turned into actual articles, the Daily Mail reports.

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