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President Donald Trump has sparked controversy on Twitter yet again after retweeting a meme that some users say encourages violence against journalists.

The digitally altered image was retweeted by Trump on Christmas Eve. It shows the president sitting with his legs crossed to reveal the bottom of his shoe, appears to have the CNN logo outlined in blood, The Hill reported

The original photo was taken by Neal Boenzi of The New York Times/Redux on Nov. 18, 1985, Time reported. It was released shortly after a much younger Trump revealed his development plans in New York City.

But now, Trump appears to be using the old photo to take yet another jab at CNN. Several social media users blasted the president, calling the retweet inappropriate and ill-timed.

"The President retweeting this on Christmas Eve, w/blood on his shoe representing CNN," wrote one user. "White Evangelical Christians: is this the kind of leader that represents Jesus message of love and the hope of Bethlehem?"

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"Our [POTUS] has such a GIANT ego that as soon as someone praises him he retweets without fully understanding what the tweet says," wrote another. "[He's] like a 5yr old, 'oh boy oh boy, someone likes me.'"

"DT!  Love you and Everything you are doing! Please Do not let up Please Keep Fighting for Our Future!" wrote one Trump supporter. "But I have friends that are looking for anything and everything they can say negative about you. Having CNN blood on Feet at retweet during Christmas is not Our Best Message!"

Other Twitter users felt the altered image was un-American and encouraged violence against journalists. One user even altered the photo so that the Constitution appeared on the bottom of Trump's shoe.

"Promoting violence against journalists: making America more like Mexico and Russia," wrote one user.

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"Attacks on the free press are a classic tactic of despots, tyrants, and cult leaders to cut their followers off from information that exposes their lies," wrote another. "It is un-American -undermines the First Amendment, which is far more important than the second."

"But what does it mean, stomping on CNN?  Is that your Stalinist dream?" asked another user.  "Are we in the Soviet Union? Crap, man, why can't you accept that some people don't love you and move on with your life?"

One user felt Trump's retweet could cause Republicans to lose more political seats.

"I'm not sure if he understands that by re tweeting without any context it appears that he condoning the tweet," tweeted one user. "Perhaps he's cool with that, but every tweet like this costs the [Senate] and [House] another seat. Unless that is his plan."

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