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Trump Fans Approve Charles Manson's 'White House Visit' (Video)

On the April 19 broadcast of "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the late night talk show asked supporters of President Donald Trump if they approved of his (fictional) White House meetings with Charles Manson, Casey Anthony and other infamous folks (video below).

One of Kimmel's "Lie Witness News" reporters asked a Trump voter: "Why do you think President Trump has decided to meet with Casey Anthony to discuss child endangerment?"

"I think probably because she’s learned from her mistakes or she's learned something because she went through it," the voter replied.

Another Trump fan was asked: "Do you think President Trump meeting with Joseph Stalin in the Oval Office secretly could have helped improved U.S.-Russian relations?"

"Probably," the Trump voter replied. "He's got something up his sleeve."

Another Trump voter was asked if he was surprised that Trump made "Dr. Bill Cosby" the czar of prescription drugs?

The voter opined on the farcical appointment: "Well, he has had a lot of controversial people that he's picked, Carson and all that. So as long as they are vetted properly and go through all the proper channels that they need to go through, I think that's perfectly fine whoever the doctor is he picks."

An older Trump supporter was asked: "Do you have any issue with Donald Trump meeting with Jared of Subway to discuss healthy lifestyle choices for Americans?"

"Not at all," the Trump supporter replied. "Not at all."

The same voter was then asked about Jared's history as a sexual predator, and it was answered: "I think he served his time, you pay your price. Here in California, I understand that when you're convicted, you're not supposed to be able to vote, but they're letting people vote, and they're letting people vote from in jail."

A different Trump supporter was asked: "Why do you think President Trump met with Charles Manson, to get his take on the mind of a serial killer?"

"Probably just to dissect his mind," the supporter said. "See what his thoughts and his processes were. This way we can make our law enforcement better from it, getting in the mind of a criminal."

Another Trump voter was asked about the non-existent meeting between Trump and Manson, and replied: "I think if anyone knows about that, then you should certainly find people that have a lot of experience in doing things like that. If you need to have first-hand knowledge, then maybe that's somebody who should have a chance to help out our country, and our president and stuff like that."

Another Trump supporter was asked about John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated former President Abraham Lincoln in 1865, sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom at the Trump White House; Booth has been dead for over 150 years.

The supporter said that he did not have an opinion.

In more TV news, New York Magazine reports that Fox News has parted ways with host Bill O'Reilly over sexual harassment allegations and reports of payouts to accusers of close to $13 million.

O'Reilly and his lawyers are reportedly negotiating with Fox about O’Reilly’s exit: whether he will be able to say good-bye to his viewers and how much he will be paid from his recently-signed multiyear contract that pays him more than $20 million per year. O’Reilly’s ratings have actually reportedly increased since news of the sexual harassment allegations, but he's been dropped by numerous advertisers.

Sources: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube, New York Magazine / Photo credit: Tommy Herschede/Flickr

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