Trump Denies Pretending To Be Own Publicist (Video)


Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been accused of using a pseudonym to pose as his own publicist during a 1991 interview (video below).

On May 13, The Washington Post shared an audio recording and transcript of a conversation between People Magazine reporter Sue Carswell and a mysterious man and supposed publicist for Donald Trump, John Miller, that occurred 15 years ago.

During that time, Trump was in the tabloids after his extramarital affair with model Marla Maples became public, a story Carswell was assigned to cover for People Magazine. When Carswell contacted the business mogul’s office to request an interview, a man claiming to be Trump's publicist, also known as John Miller, returned her call five minutes later.

Carswell recognized Miller’s voice, as it sounded very similar to the business mogul himself. She later consulted other sources about the identity of the mystery publicist, and Maples confirmed the voice in the audio recording was actually Trump.

Miller told Carswell intimate details about the business mogul’s divorce with then-wife Ivanka Trump and his alleged flirtations with several famous women.

“He’s a good guy, and he’s not going to hurt anybody,” Miller said of Trump.

The mysterious publicist told Carswell that the business mogul was “somebody that has a lot of options, and, frankly, he gets called by everybody." And that "he gets called by everybody in the book, in terms of women.”

The publicist then recounted in vivid detail how pop star Madonna called Trump wanting to go out with him.

At one point, Miller asserted Trump had been dissatisfied with his marriage, stating that the business mogul was “living with Marla and he’s got three other girlfriends," and that "whether there was a Marla or not he was going to leave anyway.”

Carswell recalled to The Washington Post that she was suspicious of Miller’s identity almost immediately.

“This was so farcical, that he pretended to be his own publicist,” Carswell said. “Here was this so-called billion-dollar real estate mogul, and he can’t hire his own publicist. It also said something about the control he wanted to keep of the news cycle flowing with this story, and I can’t believe he thought he’d get away with it.”

Several New York reporters told The Washington Post they too received calls from Miller and another mysterious publicist named John Barron as early as the 1970s, recalling that both men sounded eerily like Trump

Shortly after the audio recording surfaced, the TODAY Show asked Trump about the allegations accusing him of posing as his own publicist.

“No, I don’t know anything about it,” Trump said. “You’re telling me about it for the first time and it doesn’t sound like my voice at all.”

Though in 1990, Trump testified in court saying, “I believe on occasion I used that name [John Miller],” according to The Washington Post.

Now, the business mogul is adamant that he is not the voice of Miller in the phone recording.

“It was not me on the phone,” Trump said definitively. “And it doesn’t sound like me on the phone, I will tell you that.”

Sources: TODAY, The Washington Post (2) / Photo credit: The Washington Post via R1ProductionHouse/YouTube

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