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Truck Driver Celebrates 50 Years At The Same Company, Says He's Never Taken A Sick Day


A truck driver in Ohio recently celebrated his 50th year with the same company, and said that, in all that time, he didn’t take a single sick day.

Ron Kline, 70, began his career with Mansfield Plumbing in Loudonville, Ohio, when he was just 20 years old. What started as a cleaning and maintenance job eventually led to a position as a driver 32 years ago, where he has remained ever since. “I checked for cracks and blemishes to make sure the quality was there for each and every piece that went out the door,” Kline said of his first 18 years with the company. “About 32 years ago I decided to try driving a truck. That's been a terrific job because I've been able to make deliveries to every state east of the Mississippi River. Nowadays I mostly deliver to our customers in Ohio and shuttle product from our plant to the warehouse. I'm happy meeting with our customers and interacting with all the Mansfield people."

The father of 11 and grandfather of 38 said he has never considered retirement.

“I enjoy the people and what I do, so why should I consider retiring?” he said. “This company has been a great place to have a career and it's been good to my entire family. Right now my son Jeff and my daughter Julie are both working at Mansfield, along with my brother, Elmer. Two other brothers, Richard and Jerry, recently retired from the company. Together the Kline family has about 220 combined years of service at Mansfield."

Kline, who has been married to his wife, Lois, for 50 years, said he is actively involved in his community outside of his work with Mansfield Plumbing. He has reportedly been coaching high school basketball and softball for years.

“I'm basically a happy, healthy person which has allowed me to work so long without a sick day,” he said. “I'm very blessed. With 38 grandchildren there are lots of family activities to get involved in, so it keeps me busy. But retirement isn't even an option ... I really enjoy my job and working for Mansfield is a huge part of my life."

Kline’s boss said he couldn’t be more pleased with the longtime employee’s dedication to the company. “We wish we could clone Ron,” Jim Morando said. “He shows up every day and throughout the entire day he is committed to being part of the solution.”

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