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Transgender Kim Kardashian Fan Spent Over $100,000 To Look Like Her Idol (Photos)

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A transgender Kim Kardashian fan reportedly spent more than $100,000 to look like her idol.

Thalia Almodovar, 28, always felt like a woman growing up, reported. At one point, she said she cried when she was forced to use the boy’s bathroom in school.

During her teen years, Almodovar transitioned. After getting breast implants and a butt enhancement when she was in her 20s, she started to get mistaken for Kim Kardashian.

“I couldn’t see it at first but then I embraced it. I’d get preferential treatment in clubs and restaurants,” Almodovar told “People would mob me for selfies.”

(via Facebook)

Now, the Kardashian look-a-like reports that she can’t walk down a busy street in New York without someone asking for a selfie or giving her a second look.

Since her original surgery, Almodovar has worked hard to imitate Kardashian’s pouty lips and considerable butt. She has even spent thousands of dollars on clothes and shoes to keep up with the reality TV star.

“I also get collagen in my lips every six months,” Almodovar said. “It makes me feel better about myself. I love being mistaken for Kim.”

(via Facebook)

Almodovar hopes to one day meet her idol. For now, the makeup artist says she's happy being herself, though she would consider being a professional look-a-like on the side.

Currently, Almodovar is looking for her own Kanye West. 

Sources: Inquisitr, Mirror

Photo Credit: NTN24, Thalia/Facebook


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