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Tourist Baffled By Mysterious Creature In Vacation Photos

Scottish tourist Harvey Robertson was shocked after he reviewed photos from his vacation and saw a mysterious sea creature in one.

Robertson, 52, was on a boat cruise in Corfu, Greece, with his family when he accidentally snapped a photo of the alleged animal, Daily Mail reports. Robertson had leaned his camera over the boat and taken pictures at random.

When he lifted his camera back up, he saw a photo of the mysterious creature that had appeared in one shot.

“I have no idea what it could have been, I have never seen anything like it,” Robertson said, according to Daily Mail.

Roberston noted that he had been about 20 miles south of Albania when he captured the photo.

“I was trying to capture the water color and was not looking at the water,” Robertson said. “I only saw the creature when looking back through my pics.”

Robertson noted that the creature has not been identified by experts and evokes images of Greek mythology. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox News

Photo Credit: Harvey Robertson via Fox News


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