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'Hitler' Tote Bag Sparks Controversy (Photos)

'Hitler' Tote Bag Sparks Controversy (Photos) Promo Image

A fashion accessory that used a questionable font has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

Belle Chic, an online clothing store based in Arizona, was taken to task on Twitter after advertising a tote bag on its website that appeared to read, "My favorite color is Hitler."

In reality, the bag says, "My favorite color is glitter." However, due to the use of an ornate typeface, the "gl" looks like a capital "H." Furthermore, thanks to an overlap of colors, the second "t" resembles an "l."

"Made from 100% cotton canvas, with side gussets make this tote is durable and large enough to hold your stuff!" Belle Chic wrote in the product description, according to Metro. "Whether it's a trip to the beach, the gym, or an overnight getaway, this will be your go-to bag!"

The design faux pas went viral after a Twitter user joked: "My fav color is also Hitler."

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That tweet received over 135,000 likes and was retweeted over 46,000 times, and soon dozens of other Twitter users were cracking puns and jokes about the bag.

"How did the designers Nazi that," one person wrote, according to HuffPost.

Another tweeted: "Nein out of ten agree."

"This makes me Fuhrious," someone else quipped.

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Others were more confused than amused.

"WTF is that?" one user asked. To which another replied: "I assume it's a disastrous font choice for 'glitter.'"

Later on, a woman named Jamie Page, who said her sister owns Belle Chic, tweeted that the unfortunate design was a total accident.

"The original design was in no way meant to be anti-Semitic," Page wrote, according to BuzzFeed. "She has been made aware of the flaw and it will be redesigned."

She went on to add: "There is no hidden message. The font was not picked for any clandestine purposes."

Someone identifying as a graphic designer also weighed in on the controversy, reminding people that "mistakes happen" and stating that the font used on the bag "is one of the most popular fonts out right now."

"People need to relax," they added.

It didn't take long for Belle Chic to address the problem. The following day, the company issued an apology on Twitter and Instagram. It also posted an image of the updated design.

"We are beyond embarrassed about the design of our GLITTER tote bag," they wrote. "We replaced it with a new design. Hope you like this one better!"

Sources: HuffPost, Metro, BuzzFeed / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Belle Chic via Metro, BelleChic/Twitter

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