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Tori Spelling Says She Had Sex With Two '90210' Co-Stars (Video)

Tori Spelling, one of the former stars of the 1990s TV series "Beverly Hills 90210," appears in a new Lifetime special to answer questions while hooked up to a lie detector (videos below).

In a preview clip of "Tori Spelling: Celebrity Lie Detector," the actress is asked by host Louise Roe if she had sex with any of her "90210" co-stars, notes E!

Spelling admits to sleeping with former boyfriend and co-star Brian Austin Green, which isn't a shocker, but then admits she had intercourse with another "90201" co-star.

"You're good, Louise Roe," Spelling states. "Yes! Yes, but I'm not going to tell you who it is."

In another clip, Roe says she "will wait all night" to hear the name of the other co-star.

"Half my friends don't even know this," Spelling exclaims.

Roe gets Spelling to admit that it was not co-star Ian Zerling, but folks will have to watch the show on Oct. 3 to learn who it was (or wasn't).

Spelling does admit that her late father Aaron Spelling left her only $800,000 of his $500 million fortune when he passed away in 2006, but PEOPLE notes the lie detector will determine if she is telling the truth.

Sources: E!, PEOPLE / Photo Credit: Lifetime Screenshot


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