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Topless Woman Crashes Live TV Newscast (Video)

WJLA reporter Jeff Goldberg and his viewing audience got flashed by an unidentified woman on March 19 in Arlington, Virginia (video below).

Goldberg was reporting about a St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl when the woman exposed herself, notes Mediaite.

News anchor Kimberly Suiters began the segment: "Just in time for St. Paddy's Day weekend, Clarendon's shamrock pub crawl is back in action about one year after a streaker stole a car and prompted legislation in the state of Virginia. Has anything changed? Northern Bureau Chief Jeff Goldberg is live in Arlington to explain the impact of the law. Everyone keeping their clothes on so far?"

Goldberg replied, "So far Kimberly, we are not hearing of any major problems, although I did just see that."

As Goldberg reported, the woman ran behind his camera shot and laughed.

Goldberg was not the only reporter burned on a live shot. In Jacksonville, Florida, WLTV reporter Janny Rodriguez was doing a live report during a St. Patrick's Day celebration when a man dropped a familiar and profane catchphrase, notes FTVLive.

A WLTV anchor introduced the report: "So tonight, appropriately enough on St. Patrick's Day, we are at Goozlepipe and Guttyworks over in Riverside. That's where we find Janny Rodriguez. Happy St. Patrick's Day Janny!"

As Rodriguez began her live report, an unidentified man walked by and said, "F--- her right in the p----."

And in more TV news-related bloopers, ESPN tweeted a bizarre statement about Cuban dictator Fidel Castro on March 20: "Savior and scourge, Fidel Castro was many things to many people. One thing we can all agree on: He loved his sports."

The tweet was removed, but not before it got pounded on Twitter reports Mediaite:

"So did many of the dissidents he had murdered, SportsCenter."

"Dumbest tweet of the day or of all time?"

"Hitler's love for sports is too frequently overlooked as historians obsess over some questionable actions."

"Then why did so many Cuban athletes risk their lives to defect to freedom? Love of sports persecution for athletes?"

"'Harsh Communist Dictator ... But, he loved his sports! What a guy! Give him an ESPY for courage! ESPN"

WARNING: Videos contain nudity and graphic language.

Sources: Mediaite (2), FTVLive / Photo credit: WJLA via YouTube

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