Revealing Picture Of Tomi Lahren Causes Stir Online (Photos)


Tomi Lahren is in hot water after old tweets, including one revealing picture, have resurfaced, showing her as a hard-partying girl in college.  

Perez Hilton reports that Lahren has been trying to delete old tweets which reportedly show her in a contrasting light from her public persona as a sanctimonious conservative.  

Lahren attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she is said to have sent out a host of tweets with phrases like, "pop that P***y," and, "Does anyone here speak English?"  

One tweet in particular has gained a lot of attention.  It includes a photo of Lahren with an anonymous brunette girl at a bar.  The brunette is topless with body paint covering her chest.  She and Lahren are locked arm-in-arm.  The caption on the tweet reads, "Just makin new friends."  

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Lahren, whose public image is that of a squeaky clean conservative, has allegedly been rushing to delete the tweets, but they have spread like wildfire on social media.  

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One in particular points to her getting a job at her mom's store.  This seems to contrast with her image as a "pull yourself up by the bootstraps conservative."  

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As The Grio points out, Lahren may be attempting to clean up her public persona in the hopes she attains a new position within President-elect Donald Trump's Cabinet.  

Sources: Perez Hilton, The Grio / Photo credit: Twitter via Perez Hilton

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