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Toddler Girl Gives Dad Piece Of Her Mind In Cutest Argument Ever (Video)

Parents always get excited the first time their baby strings together two or three words, but the trouble starts when they talk back.

15-month-old Lola was captured on video getting into an argument with her father, Gareth Roe, about whether or not she was allowed to stand up on a table. The only problem is she hasn’t actually learned how to speak yet.

But Lola’s not letting that stop her from giving dad a piece of her mind and standing defiantly on the living room table.

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(via the Daily Mail)

Roe then points out that he is in charge and tries to reinforce his authority with his daughter, the Daily Mail notes.

“You can't tell me what to do,” he says while pointing a stern finger at her, adding, “I'm your boss until you’re 18 now get down!”

The baby will not give up without a fight and it’s the most adorable thing we have ever seen.

Roe then decides to play on his daughter’s muddled speech and pokes her lightly on the tummy, asking, “What did you call me?”

A woman behind the camera chuckles as Lola shouts back at her father. But unfortunately it looks like Lola lost this round as Roe picks her up off the table.

The video posted on Roe’s YouTube channel has received over 5 million views, and counting, since Jan. 7.

Watch this adorable father-daughter standoff:

Sources: Viral NovaDaily Mail / Photo Credit: Gareth Roe/YouTube


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