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Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know

Being a pet owner is a richly rewarding experience, but it can come with a bevy of frustrations. Some practical tips can help any dog owner streamline their routine chores to lessen the burden on their wallet and time as well as benefit their furry friend.

For stressed-out dog owners who want to use creative solutions to best tend to their pet's needs, 13 nifty life hacks may help, notes Shareably.

For starters, there are some workarounds to dealing with dog fur. Owners who want to keep their pooch's bed consistently clean can sheath it in a pillowcase. Once the dog coats the bed with fur, switch out the pillowcase for a fresh one and toss the furry case into the wash.

Pet owners who find lint rollers inefficient in removing shed fur from their clothes should try using rubber gloves, which do the job surprisingly well. Wetting the gloves slightly can help them clear off all that unwanted hair.

For bath time, use a shower cap over the dog's  head. The cap will prevent soap from getting into their eyes and ears while their coat gets a good scrub.

While cleaning up when the dog sheds keeps things neat, it is also important to brush a dog's fur when it becomes matted. For pet owners who don't want their dog yelping as they smooth out their coat with a brush, help loosen the fur up using baby powder.

Next up, there are some innovative ways to both spice up and regulate a dog's food intake. Owners who are concerned that their pooches are gobbling up their kibble too fast can plunk down a tennis ball in their food bowl. The ball will make the dog eat more slowly.

Speaking of dog food: dry kibble can be kept fresh in a plastic pitcher. This storage also makes it easier to pour the dog's meal into a bowl than it would from the original packaging, especially large bags.

For pet owners who don't have the time to constantly monitor their dog's water bowl, build a refillable water system using some wood, some Velcro tape, glue, nails and an empty 2-liter soda bottle. The water bowl can refill itself for days. Full instructions are on Instructables.

A crucial tip for pet owners who cannot handle the odor of their dog's breath is to sprinkle some parsley into their kibble. The herb will spruce up that bad breath and make it much more bearable.

Some dogs just refuse to have their teeth brushed. One clever workaround is to smear their doggie toothpaste on their chew bone or a toy they enjoying gnawing on.

While some dogs are obstinate about their dental hygiene, others cannot stand swallowing their medication. Crafty pet owners can sneak their dog's pills into peanut butter and applesauce, freeze them in an ice tray and then feed the frozen treat to their unsuspecting dog.

Lastly, there are a few ways to calm down an anxious dog without paying for costly medications.

For dog owners who do not want to spring for a thundershirt but want their furry friend comfortable during storms, rub their coat with dryer shirts. The sheets help reduce the weather-induced static charge that gets them so worked up.

Finally, lavender essential oil can help ease a dog's nerves. Lace the dog's collar with the essential oil to help surround the dog with a calming scent.

Sources: InstructablesShareably / Photo credit: Jim Tiffcoatin/Instructables

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