First-Grader Catches Fish That's As Big As He Is (Video)


A 6-year-old from New Jersey won second place in a fishing competition. But it isn’t just Sam Adams’ age that’s astonishing; it’s also the size of the fish he caught, which is almost as big as the first-grader (video below).

Sam was surf fishing in Long Beach Township on Nov. 6 when he reeled in the 41-pound, 5-ounce striped bass with the encouragement of his grandfather, NBC reports. Sam weighs only two pounds more than the fish and is only a quarter-inch taller.

Hauling the giant fish in was a tremendous feat, taking several minutes. Luckily, the moment was captured on video by the boy’s grandfather.

“I’m tiring him out!” Sam yells as he struggles to reel in the massive fish.

“You’re tiring him out, but don’t get cocky,” his grandfather responds.

The clip was uploaded to YouTube on Nov. 6 and has since been viewed over 96,000 times.

“He did say his arms went numb at one point during the fight,” Scott Adams, Sam’s father, told NBC.

“I’m just thankful my dad video’d it because a lot of people didn’t believe without that video that a kid his size could catch that fish,” he added. “It’s just amazing. We go fishing a lot. I’m really proud of him.”

Thanks to the catch, Sam is in second place in the annual LBI Surf Fishing Classic, a competition which runs through Dec. 6.

Sam has reportedly been an keen fisher since he was 2 years old.

“I don’t know where you go from here -- a whale maybe,” Scott said. “It’s just unbelievable.”

Sources: Rare, NBC, YouTube / Photo credit: Facebook/NBC10 Philly via Rare

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